5 Must Visit Travel Attractions In Europe

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Posted on September 06 2018

Europe, a continent that a lot of Americans dream of visiting. With the beautiful weather of Spain, the city of London, the culture of Austria, what is there not to like! There is so much to explore in Europe and we are going to be showing you 5 must visit travel attractions in Europe. 
  1. Buckingham Palace, London
London is a beautiful city and one of the most busiest in the world. When visiting London, Buckingham palace is a must see attraction. Not only is the structure designed and constructed beautifully, it is the home to Queen Elizabeth II. 
  1. The Anne Frank House, Amsterdam
If you have an interest for history, you are going to love the Anne Frank house. This is such an iconic building and the story is part of all history books. This is the actual house where Anne and her family hid during the holocaust. So, whether you are visiting for just a day or an entire month, this should definitely be on your list!
  1. Fishermans Bastion, Budapest
A true fairytale castle, this structure is remarkable. You can view the entire city from this viewpoint. We recommend going at sunset to see the beautiful evening light. Beware that in the summer months, this attraction is like a flytrap! So pick your time to visit wisely. 
  1. Trevi Fountain, Rome
When in Rome…visit the Trevi fountain. A lovely piece of architecture and roman beauty. Located in the heart of Rome, you are immersed in true roman culture and history. If you like history and architecture, do visit this attraction.  You will not regret it!
  1. The Louvre, Paris
Now, of course Paris is on this list, how could we miss it! We all know of the iconic attraction that is the Eiffel Tower, however to not be cliche, we have chosen The Louvre. Having the title as the world’s largest art museum, this is a must visit. We do encourage you to visit the Eiffel Tower as-well though!
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